Christine Hill

Managing Broker/REALTOR®

Meet Christine,

Her first role that she holds close to her heart is the role of a mother. It’s when her leadership abilities started to be developed. She has been in real estate for 18 years and counting. When asked what is her favorite quote she said this. If it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you. Be the CHANGE!!
She lives by this golden rule, God first, seek him in all things. Think first, then respond. It’s not the situation it’s the response that counts. As a realtor she wants to be known for being fair, transparent and ethical. That she empowered those around her to touch and reach their full potential. A Part of the Coldwell Banker culture is the emphasis on legacy. For Christine it’s important that her legacy carry on long past what she has done and there is a clear path for her children to follow into their futures. The company has helped her feel stable, able, committed to her craft as a realtor and because of that her longevity story shows for itself. CBNow has always been their during all aspects of my business and family life it’s not only a company it’s family CBNow cares. CBNow has listened to my concerns, ideas and helped me grow in my business an life. As well as my children lives. I can be described as funny, honest, focused, committed and always on the go.
Joy is something that matters to me and my family. Personal hobbies include hair, makeup and playing with my boys and my granddaughters. She also gives back helping local charities like relay for life. I want to start advocating for abused woman at some point that is a goal of mine too. She is passionate about God, family and her future.
Her favorite sports team is Kansas City Chiefs. But more than that she loves to cook and bake sharing love with food is one of her languages. Sundays is our family day to eat together.

Well there you have it. Here is a little bit about Christine and her story of loving life. I hope you can see that. She is not only a realtor but a manager within the company. She has been a critical part in the success of the company over the last few years. The sky is the limits with this one. So, you can’t go wrong with choosing her as your realtors because we couldn’t live without her.

Now you know and now it’s time to call Coldwell Banker Now!

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Christine Ornoff


Meet Christine Ornoff,

We asked her some questions for you to get to know her better.

1. Favorite Quote: “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” Sir Isaac Newton

I do not succeed alone, my life is filled with giants.

2. Golden Rule or not: My golden rule is to practice kindness to those who cross my path on any given day. I try not to get wrapped up in what is presented in the media whether it be social media or news etc…My reality and affect is not “out there” it is right here in front of me on my path.

3. What is the one thing, I would like to be remembered for? How I made you feel.

4. How would you like to be described as a Realtor? Honest, knowledgeable, and hard working.

5. What does legacy mean to me?
I am a third generation realtor so we definitely have a family legacy in real estate that I am continuing but my true legacy is my son. He is the best part of me. He walks through life with kindness, empathy, curiosity, wanting to help those around him and doing it all with laughter and sarcasm. The authenticity of the young man I raised is my greatest legacy.

6. What has Coldwell Banker meant to me? The best of both worlds. It has all of the influence, reputation, and resources of a top worldwide parent company with our local firm having that small office feel. I love that I am not a number. I know I am a valued member of the team.

7. How has Coldwell Banker impacted my family? It provided me the atmosphere and freedom to become more successful than I thought possible…all while keeping my family FIRST. That freedom is worth more than anything to me! I truly believe I am successful BECAUSE I am not pressured to produce or micro managed and am able to be present for my family.

8. How would my clients describe me? Honest, experienced, assertive, and funny!

9. What brings me joy? Nature, fresh air, the joy of others.

10. What are my hobbies? Camping, watching live theatre, traveling the world.

11. What is my charity involvement? I love donating to anything education related. I donate every year to elementary teachers to cover the cost of book fair and monthly book orders so every kid in the class gets a book, every time for the whole school year. Also provide funds for a women’s group who puts back packs/supplies together for middle & high schoolers who’s families struggle.

12. What am I passionate about? Being a mom, my family, practicing kindness and real estate…in that order.

13. Favorite sports team? I just recently became a Minnesota Vikings fan!

14. Do you like to bake or grill? Grill, for sure.

15. Do I have a cause or would advocate for? Equal Rights

At Coldwell Banker Now we value legacy, longevity, learning, living life to the fullest and finally loving what we do. It’s why we keep doing what we do for we totally enjoy serving you!

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Tom Seddon

Associate Broker/REALTOR®

Tom Seddon is a Associate Broker with over 40 years of Real Estate experience in both Virginia and North Carolina. He has extensive experience in the build to suit New Construction market as well as vast resale experience in Hampton Roads and Northeast North Carolina.

With decades of experience in Military and Corporate relocation I promise you and your family an easy transition both moving into our area and later when we need to sell your home so you can depart. I am an excellent agent to use if this is your first Real Estate experience and I promise to make the experience as stress free as possible.

I have a B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing from Old Dominion University. I received my 40 Year Longevity Award in 2020 from the Hampton Roads Realtors Association for consistent high level of Sales (40 out of 41 years).

Phone: 757-406-0036

Steve Anderson


Meet Steven Anderson,

We asked him a somethings about himself and here is what he said to say.

You can learn a lot about someone from their favorite quote. Here is his. Strive not be a success, but rather of value. – Albert Einstein. He also lives by the golden rule, Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. One thing to be remembered is making a positive difference to those whom I’ve encountered in my life. Steven has worn a lot of different hats: I wear one and that’s Marine; it is what defines and guides me daily as I embrace the tasks before me. Here at CBNow we value honesty and that is one of his core values an advocate for his clients and be honest with his customers. We also value legacy and to him that is leaving this life a better place for my family. Being an agent of a global brand such as CB Now is something that is important and it has impacted my family so much his wife, Joyce, has also become a successful CBNOW Realtor. They both revere the CB brand, and the leadership of the CBNOW team. If his clients had to describe him they would say he is reliable. What brings him joy? Watching my family succeed in life. His hobbies Include staying fit, eating right, golf, sports viewing, cars, motorcycles, reading history. He is passionate about having a good quality of life. His favorite sports team: All New England/Boston teams. Interesting tidbit he married into a family of New England sports cabals so after spending years in long suffering as a Chicago Cubs fan. He said it’s been nice to be on the winning side over the last 39 years. We asked about food and whether he was a griller or a baker. He said he loves both. On any given day in our house, good chance that Food Network will be on TV in the background. And finally his greatest cause: Try every day to be a positive impact and influence for my wife, children and grandchildren. It’s not how long you live, it’s how you lived!!

Phone: 757-408-2418

Connie Bowe


Meet Connie,
We asked her some questions and here is her responses.

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value``
``Treat others how you wish you would be treated``

I strongly believe that LOVE and kindness can change lives, heal wounds, and most certainly help others. But I want to be remembered not just as someone who is kind, compassionate, and helps others; I want to actually BE someone who is kind, compassionate, and helps others, whether I am remembered or not. I am a firm believer that love and kindness conquers ALL.

Yes I wear many hats but I love them ALL. I wear many hats in my life. Wife, sister, daughter, businesswoman, friend. But no matter where I am or what I am doing, one hat that I never take off is the crown of motherhood. There is no crown more glorious.

I have dedicated my real estate business to help others. My real estate business is founded on the understanding that EVERYONE can benefit in the process of selling or buying a home. It’s all about YOU, ME, the COMMUNITY and those less fortunate. I am representing something different. A real estate service with added goodwill.

My business mission is to model all aspects of my life to reflect my Christian beliefs and values of fatuity, honesty, hope, forgiveness and LOVE. I want to happily share my gifts, talents, and wealth to those less fortunate and to do ALL that I can to keep myself from getting caught up with the rat race of materialism and greed.

I want to provide my professionalism and as much LOVE and support to my clients, friends, family and those who need it, I want to speak the TRUTH. Because without TRUTH there is no value. I want to give my clients the best of me. And I vow to honor and glorify God by putting my clients interest above my own.

I believe the greatest legacy we can pass to our children is a legacy of character and faith.

Being at Coldwell has been great for me. When I interviewed with Carolette Reisner she believed in me. I owe her many thanks for my success. They have provided excellent support staff. I am blessed to have Christine Hill as a broker now. Coldwell Banker Now offered me the training, tools and skills I needed to provide better service to my clients. Super supportive management who really cares about their agents to help us succeed.

I enjoy the ``BLUE`` professional but at the same time family work atmosphere. They have treated me like family.

My clients would describe me as a woman of honesty, integrity, a woman of faith, caring, kind and hardworking. They would say that I SINCERELY care about my clients and will work hard for them. They will say that I TRULY care about them, it is not about me or just selling a house, I like to make sure that you not only find a house but you find home.

They will say that I am very easy to talk to, friendly, and very understanding. They will say that I treat them like family. And show them a lot of LOVE and support.

I try to have joy in my heart because I appreciate the little things in life. I find joy in helping others. I love the beach. It is my happy place. Makes me feel closer to God. I also LOVE to garden. I find joy in my plants and watching them grow. I enjoy traveling and visiting places, I have never been before.

I am very involved in many charities. I donate 25% of my commission to different charities. I let my clients choose the charity that is close to their hearts.

I know God had a definite plan and purpose when He created me. I was not created randomly. My passion is for Christ. I am passionate about sharing His love and honor to show HIS grace and love through me. He asked me to follow this real estate career and I kept telling him no. I have decided to obey Him and He has rocked my world. I did it scared but with Him nothing is impossible. I am not into sports really. I love to cook and bake. But I am definitely not Paula Deen or a fantastic chef. I enjoy cooking and baking for my family. I love trying new recipes. I love to explore other countries' cuisines. But I am pretty good at cooking my culture's recipes which are Mexican foods.

I hope you have enjoyed learning a little bit more about Connie. She is passionate and that comes across. At Coldwell Banker we guide you home.


Amy Holloway


Meet Amy Holloway,

Amy has been in the real estate industry for the better part of two decades now.

Amy tries to be the best person she can be each and every day. Whether it's helping someone in need or sharing a smile with a stranger, she thinks kindness goes a long way. She is a wife, mother, friend and REALTOR®.
She would best describe herself as knowledgeable and trustworthy. Her clients agree and would also describe her as fun, outgoing and personable...a true friend. Amy's family brings her joy each day. Her husband, daughter and pets mean the world to her. Her hobbies include decorating, design, swimming and shopping. She has always had a big heart for animals and is very passionate about advocating for them. And of course Real Estate is her #1 passion as she enjoys helping buyers and sellers achieve their real estate goals.

We hope you have enjoyed learning a little bit more about Amy. She would love to connect with you.

Phone: 757-739-3700

John Matthews


Meet John Matthews,

We asked him some questions to get to know him better. We hope you enjoy.

1. What is your favorite quote? The glass half full or half empty.

2. What golden rule do you live by or not? Speak to others even if they don't speak to you as you don't know what they might be going through.

3. What is the one thing you would like to be remembered for? Always trying to help others when in need.

4. How would you like to be described as a realtor? I follow-up and follow-up again and again. I wear a lot of different hats. Yet only wearing one hat that I fit a lot of different hats into that one hat.

5. What does legacy mean to you? How you treat others.

6. What has Coldwell Banker meant to you? Good people trying to help others in Real Estate.

7. How has Coldwell banker impacted your family? I have been able to help family members and good friends sell and purchase a home.

8. How would your clients describe you? I feel they would say his follow-up is excellent.

9. What brings your joy? Meeting so many people at the YMCA. We asked him to explain this with a story. He said this, “This story is about what happened to me at the Y. I always spoke to the new director when she was hired about five years ago. Her husband was a Pastor. They wanted to purchase a home so I helped them find a home. I get a call from the director's friend and she also ask can I help her and her husband find a home. I was able to find them a home down the street from the director. I get a call from the director's husband and ask would I help his sister sell her home and find a new home for her and her new husband which I did. That all happened because I spoke to the new director. Last example another person at the Y, started working out and really losing weight. I would always say you are doing great. He then started jogging so we jogged together three or four times a week. He ask me last year would I find his family a place on the Chesapeake Bay. I found two. Two hours with him, his wife, and two kids in the second house, he said we will take it. They moved into the bay house around July and I then listed their 5200 square foot home late July. If I remember that Bay home was the highest price home sold by our firm last year. Bottom line. Just speak to folks and you do not need to talk about what you do as it will come out once you get to know them. Like they say, when you talk you are out of control. When you listen you are in control.”

We believe here at Coldwell Banker Now this is the perfect example of legacy in action.

10. What is your hobbies? Yard work and bike riding.

11. What is your charity involvement? Donate to Saint Jude and helping a few folks with everyday expenses top to bottom.

12. Do you have a cause you do that you advocate for? Try to speak to a few folks everyday and hope it was a pleasure they needed.

I hope this has allowed you into a littler bit of his story. John is passionate about meeting new people. That’s a good pairing and he can’t wait to meet you too.

Phone: 757-617-1217

Krystal Demartino


I am a licensed Realtor with Coldwell Banker Now and I reside in Virginia Beach and absolutely love it here. Its the perfect balance between living in a small town and also a big city, all of the surrounding towns seem to have there own unique personality. I come from a family of animal rescuers, so with each home I sell I donate a portion of my commission to a local animal rescue group. I thoroughly believe that passion is everything. Ultimately, passion is the driving force behind happiness and success. You need to love what you do and do it with all the conviction and passion possible. I love what I do! Part of the American dream is to have a place to call home, spend time with loved ones and create amazing memories. I am lucky enough to help people realize part of this goal and be a trusted positive adviser through the process.
I know it isn’t easy and I want my customers to know they can rely on me to listen, understand and work hard to meet their needs. I want to take the burden off their shoulders of finding the perfect place to call home. I look forward to working with you.

Phone: 201-848-2478

Kimberly Cromer


Meet Kimberly,

As a native Virginian, she has always called Hampton Roads home and understands our “7 Cities” and their many neighborhoods. Kim will do her best to work for the best outcome for every family she serves!

She is a devoted wife to her husband who is an active duty Marine, mother of 5 girls, and Gigi to Ridge and Ember. In her free time she enjoys road-trips, exploring with her dog, Nash!

With a client-first mentality, she will put her expertise, tenacity and the love of negotiating at the forefront for all her clients...always with the end goal of making their real estate dreams a reality! Whether you are looking to begin your next chapter with a new home or wanting to invest, she will lead you through the buying or selling process from beginning to end!

Her favorite quote comes from Tony Robbins, “Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start being excited of what can go right.” She lives by the rule to treat everyday as a beautiful gift. She also would like to be remembered as being a kind person.

Her clients describe her as always available and full of answers and solutions to whatever may arise. What brings her joy? Spending time with her children, grandchildren and vacations with her incredible husband! Her hobbies include paddle boarding, cooking, reading and enjoying time with friends. She enjoys all types of cooking…but one of her most favorite dishes to prepare are the ones on the grill! A cause that she advocates for is children with disabilities and their families.

Phone: 757-618-5264

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