Dawn Ambrosini

Managing Broker/REALTOR®

Mary Jackowell


How to explain Mary in one word? A Chameleon. She has an amazing personality that can adjust to the situation at hand. She speaks different languages and has lived a very interesting life. This lady has stories for days and most realtors do. We asked her a few questions about herself. We hope you enjoy seeing into Mary a little bit further.
Her favorite quote by Eleanor Roosevelt, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Her golden rule - look at others, especially the people that offend you the most through God's LOVING eyes. She would like to be remembered for Uniting and uplifting souls. Encouraging them to find their passion in life and not to be afraid to LIVE a joyous and prosperous life. She mentioned being a realtor and helping people find the home of their dreams or selling their property brings her joy.
She defends her tribe and put your dreams and needs first. What does legacy mean to her? Contributing love, kindness and uniting mankind in peaceful ways. What has Coldwell Banker meant? 100 plus years of tradition defending people and serving them to reach their goals and making their dreams a reality. Coldwell Banker has impacted her for we have become her family. Her clients have expressed that she is knowledgeable and takes care of them every step of the way and beyond the transaction. Joy is something that matters here at Coldwell Banker NOW. So, we asked what brings you joy. Adventures; Surfing, being in the salt water like a mermaid. Her hobbies include Surfing, crochet, crafting, fishing, guns. We are a very service focused company Mary volunteers Wahine’s Surf Club, Woman’s Club of South Norfolk and at her husband's church serving on the Media Team. She is passionate about justice and defending people from predators. Does Mary have a Favorite sports teams she sure does fútbol; La Chivas de Guadalajara...NFL Football Las Vegas Raiders, baseball; San Francisco Giants. We also asked her does she like to bake? Her answer was a resounding, Yes! Some of her favorites to make are lemon merengue, empanadas, pineapple upside down cake. Another thing she is passionate about is saving lives. And finally her charity she believes in is Surf for the Cure..Wahine Surf Club Virginia Beach.
I hope you have enjoyed learning a little bit more about Mary.

¿Cómo explicar a Mary en una palabra? Un camaleón. Tiene una personalidad asombrosa que puede adaptarse a la situación. Habla diferentes idiomas y ha vivido una vida muy interesante. Esta señora tiene cuentos de su vida que so increíbles. Le hicimos algunas preguntas sobre ella. Esperamos que disfrutes conociendo a Mary un poco más.
Su refrán favorita de Eleanor Roosevelt, ``Nadie puede hacerte sentir inferior sin tu consentimiento``. Su regla de oro: mira a los demás, especialmente a las personas que más te ofenden a través de los ojos AMOROSOS de Dios. Le gustaría ser recordada por unir y elevar almas. Animándolos a encontrar su pasión en la vida y a no tener miedo de VIVIR una vida feliz y próspera. Ella mencionó que ser una REALTOR y ayudar a las personas a encontrar la casa de sus sueños o vender su propiedad le da alegría.
Ella defiende a su tribu y antepone tus sueños y necesidades. ¿Qué significa legado para ella? Contribuyendo con amor, bondad y uniendo a la humanidad de manera pacífica. ¿Qué ha contribuyendo Coldwell Banker NOW al negocio de Mary? Más de 100 años de tradición defendiendo a las personas y sirviéndolas para alcanzar sus metas y hacer realidad sus sueños. Coldwell Banker la ha impactado porque nos hemos convertido en su familia. Sus clientes han expresado que ella está bien informada y se ocupa de ellos en cada paso del camino y más allá de la transacción. La alegría es algo que importa aquí en Coldwell Banker NOW. Entonces, preguntamos qué te trae alegría. Aventuras; Surfear, estar en el agua salada como una sirena. Sus pasatiempos incluyen el surf, costura, arte, pesca, pistolas. Somos una empresa muy centrada en el servicio. Mary se ofrece como voluntaria en el Wahine's Surf Club, el Woman's Club of South Norfolk y en la iglesia de su esposo que sirve en el equipo de medios. Le apasiona la justicia y defender a las personas de los malvados. ¿Tiene Mary algún equipo deportivo favorito? Seguro que juega fútbol; La Chivas de Guadalajara ... NFL Football Las Vegas Raiders, béisbol; Gigantes de San Francisco. También le preguntamos si le gusta hornear. Su respuesta fue un rotundo, ¡Sí! Algunos de sus favoritos para hacer son merengue de limón, empanadas, pastel de piña al revés. Otra cosa que le apasiona es salvar vidas. Y finalmente su organización benéfica en la que cree es Surf for the Cure ... Wahine Surf Club Virginia Beach.
Espero que hagan disfrutado aprendiendo un poco más sobre Mary.

Email: mjackowell@cbnow.com
Phone: 757-593-7625

Adela Garcia


Meet Adela Garcia,

We asked her a bunch of questions and this is a little bit of her story.

Her favorite quote by Gandhi, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” She also lives by the golden rule that says treat others how you would like to be treated. We asked her how she would like to be remembered and she said that she never gave up. As a realtor, she would like to be described as friendly, honest and hardworking. Since, Coldwell Banker Now is a longevity valued company we asked her what legacy means she defined it as leaving something of value to someone else. Being a part of the Coldwell Banker family has given a great opportunity to grow professionally and also it’s been a friendly place that feels like a second home. She has also been told by some of her past clients that she is patience, caring and goes the extra mile on every day she handles. We asked her what Joy means she said peace. She loves to ride her bike and enjoy local creative sight. Adela is also bilingual. This comes in handy with a growing Spanish population to care for in the Hampton roads area. She has been married for 15 years and has 2 daughters that she loves dearly. Welp, I hope you have enjoyed a little something extra about Adela.

Email: agarcia@cbnow.com

Pat Miles

Associate Broker/REALTOR®

Meet Pat Miles,

She became a Realtor in 1974. She has been a housewife and attended 7 years at Old Dominion University majoring in education. She loves people and houses, so real estate was an easy best choice for her. She especially loves first time buyers. She is what we call a longevity agent for she has been with the company approx forty-seven years. She is a local native born and raised right here in Tidewater. She tries to look for the best in others. She has one pet his named is Mr. Cat and he is 8 years old. She loves all animals. She is a 23 year member of the General Federation of Women's clubs in the South Norfolk chapter. She is currently President of this group and they are dedicated to the needs of the community and scholarships. This is also a non profit. She is involved in a lot of fund raisers and recently hosted a car show, created a commemorative cook book and for the past 15 years has created a Historic Chesapeake calendar. This story is her living example of someone walking with a volunteer spirit. She has a wonderful husband who helps disabled veterans with the red tape to get their benefits. They have two grown children. A son and a daughter. Her hobbies are gardening, antiques and shopping. She says she is fair cook. She became a Realtor to benefit others. Over the years, she has been active in the NAR and held positions in the Woman's Council of Realtors and currently has an Emeritus status in the Realtor Association.

Email: pmiles@cbnow.com
Phone: 757-237-1866

Daniel Deir


Meet Daniel,

With roots in Suffolk, Virginia, Daniel Deir was raised in upstate New York and returned to Virginia for school and family. He feels fortunate doing life with his wife of 25 years, two children, and his large extended family, all right here in Hampton Roads.

Daniel believes when helping clients, they all deserve an exceptional experience. For over 20 years in the luxury automobile industry, he has brought a level of service to customers and is looking forward to delivering the same luxury experience in his real estate career. He has never known a life without real estate. For he is a third generation realtor. It all started with his grandmother, then his mother, and now him.

Daniel believes in the golden rule,
“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Which to him means to be kind, helpful, instructive, and to connect emotionally towards the one in front of you.

He has two favorite quotes:

Tony Robins, “The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.”

Dr. Edward Stieglitz says “the important thing is not how many years in your life but how much life in your years.”

When Daniel isn’t in the office you’ll often find him spending time outdoors and enjoying time with friends and family. Humor is a big part of his family dynamic. He wears a lot of hats from husband, father, son, brother to coach, friend and confidante. He wants to deliver an exceptional experience that people will remember and that he was intentional with every client no matter the sales price. His hobbies include all things outdoors including hiking, skiing, snowboarding, golf and many other outdoor adventures. His family donates to Samaritan House right here in Virginia Beach whenever they can. His favorite sports teams are the San Francisco 49ers and the Golden State Warriors.

I hope by learning a little bit more about Daniel you can sense he is passionate about life and enjoying time with family and especially his wife.

Email: Ddeir@cbnow.com
Phone: 757-335-6348

Jimmy Stewart


Pete & Paula Theriault


Meet Pete and Paula,

They have been married for 33 plus years, and Pete obtained his real estate license in 1983, and Paula has been licensed since 1988, and both became full time agents together in 2000. They have brought their combined resources and expertise to their real estate business. We asked them a group of questions for you to get to know them better. Here is their response.

1. Three of our favorite quotes are: “Appreciation in advance brings everything you want to you”—also, “As you think thoughts that feel good to you, you will be in harmony with who you really are” – Abraham Hicks Pete’s favorite quote is “If you aren’t happy today…for what day do you wait”. Author unknown.

2. The golden rule we live by is “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.

3. We would like to be remembered for the love and light of our family.

4. As REALTORS®, we would like to be described as trustworthy, caring, and devoted to helping others find a home that they are excited about.

5: For us, legacy means being valued and remembered for the wonderful experiences and contributions we make in our lifetime that have an impact on others.

6. We have been with Coldwell Banker since 2006, which has allowed us to grow our business professionally, and offered us a wealth of knowledge in training. We also appreciate the Relocation A-Team that we are so proud to be a part of.

7. Coldwell Banker has allowed us to merge our individual resources that we bring to the forefront of our business. We are beyond grateful to be able to collaborate together with clients so that we can get things done quickly and efficiently—and have a great time doing it!

8. Our clients would describe us as honest, thorough, and caring. Many tell us that we go beyond the call of duty! lol

9. What brings us joy are our three beautiful children, and six precious grandchildren. We are very family oriented and can’t have a better day than one spent with family.

10. Paula’s hobbies are decorating, reading a great book, hanging out with my gal pals, and shag dancing. Pete loves to play golf and cards with a group of men friends that he has played with for years.

11. Our charity involvement really stems around the care we provide for my mother, and we both donate monies to charities from time to time. Both of us have big hearts for the homeless.

12. We are passionate about spirituality, completing and crafting projects for our home, travel and living my life to the fullest!

13. Our favorite sports team would be the Washington Red Skins because that is who Pete likes and I am his number one fan!

14. I love to bake! I am always baking desserts for my family and trying out new dishes from time to time. Both Pete and our two youngest grandsons live for my cookies, brownies, and chocolate cake!

15. If we could advocate for any cause, one would be to end domestic violence. This is something Pete and I are very passionate about and truly resonates with the core of our being. We also believe that God is one…man is one…and all religions are one.

Email: peteandpaula@cox.net
Phone: 757-472-7755

Tim Gifford

Managing Partner/REALTOR

Meet Tim,

To give you a little history. He is a second generation realtor. My mother served Norfolk for 50 years. He mentioned, She did a lot of firsts for her time. His mother started Duncan & Gifford Realty in 1956. They were the first two woman realtors to own there own real estate companies. They were partners for 17 years. They broke up there partnership and it became Gifford Realty. In 1989 the name became Coldwell Banker Gifford Realty. Then in 2000 the companies became Coldwell Banker Professional Realtors. Then in 2020 we rebranded as CBNow.

Tim’s favorite mantra is no good deed goes unpunished. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you he believes this so strongly. Tim wants to be remembered for being a good realtor and a good person. He has been described as honest, a man of integrity and a problem solver. He is also tenacious. Legacy means to him, “The stories they remember after I’m gone by making an impact in the community as a real estate broker.” Joy for him comes in his sports cars, his dog and the thrill of the sale. His hobby is cars and belonging to the Porsche Club. He gives to the charity Four Kids. His favorite sports team is Washington Commanders. Finally, His passion is in owning person property and this has been his life work of his legacy from this day forward.

Email: Tgifford@cbnow.com
Phone: 757-434-4356

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