Keli Mollenhauer

Property Manager

Meet Keli,

She is part of our property management team and manages about 150 properties across Hampton Roads.. She is an avid reader and one of her favorite books is called, “Little Fires Everywhere.” Keli wears a lot of different personality hats to work in this type of industry. From a therapist to advisor to maintenance diagnostician she has to be able to shift constantly for the tenant or owner in need. Her hobbies include reading, yoga, lifting weights, camping and interior design. In her spare time she has volunteered at the food bank. She loves to cook and right now she is learning how to make some traditional Indian dishes. She is an advocator for literacy. Reading has changed her life and she wants that luxury for any and all children in need.

Kim Scala

Property Manager

Suzanne West

Property Management Financial Controller

With her dad being an officer in the Air Force, Susie had the opportunity to live in Norway, Denmark and Hawaii among other places. She has worked with credit unions over 30 years, however she decided to join Coldwell Banker NOW in 2019. She enjoys working with the amazing staff and their no stress environment at the Little Creek office.
In her spare time she loves to play golf and distance walk. She has competed in several ½ marathons and one full 26.2 mile marathon. She particularly likes renovating the home she purchased last year on the golf course. She enjoys watching sports and Oscar worthy movies. She loves spending time with her family, especially her 2 young grandsons and her dog Scout. When I asked if she likes to cook or grill, she said that she likes making reservations.
Some of her favorites – music – Dean Martin, movie – To Kill a Mocking Bird, Team – Dallas Cowboys


Property Management Administrator

Meet our Property Management Administrator, Yashana Spruill:

Yashana has been with CB Now almost 3 years and is a very integral part of our Property Management Team. She wears many different hats: she is a single mother of 3 grown children, a grandmother of 5, Praise Team member, Lead Usher, entrepreneur of “Yoshi Kay Gift Baskets for All,” and CB Now employee. She believes that you should always treat others the way that you would want to be treated. This is why she tries to treat owners and tenants in a caring and helpful way and her colleagues like family and hopes that they see her the same way.

Life brings Yashana joy. She enjoys each day that is given to the fullest. Her hobbies include making gift baskets, cooking, and charity work. Her charity work includes going out on the weekends with her church to feed the homeless and give out blankets and toiletries. She is passionate about Jesus and fearlessly telling people the Good News. She does not have a favorite sports team but enjoys watching ice skating and gymnastics.

Coldwell Banker Now’s impact on her life has been the caring environment that she has found with the company. With the past couple of years, many people have found themselves in situations where they have had to deal with sick family and friends or some losing them altogether. This company has shown its compassion by being there for her when she lost her mother to Covid and was dealing with additional family being sick. I cannot say how appreciative I am for a work “Family” like this one.