What’s the latest buzz with CB NOW?

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Williamsburg & Peninsula :50


Franklin & Chesapeake :57


Join our CB NOW team 1:11

Full service brokerage with no competing brokers/staff. Great splits that we do not go backwards on. Marketing tools are unmatched. Lead generation and extensive training offered.

Happy Pride Month 7:13

We caught up with realtor Seba Walters for a realtor spotlight. Seba is one of the best around, so if you’re looking to sell or buy, contact him through CB NOW today!

Blueprint/Emarketing 2022 5:30

Check out our most recent training on all things CB NOW Blueprint and the guide to prospecting and Emarketing!

CB NOW Luxury :30

The Coldwell Banker Global Luxury program redefines the world of luxury real estate marketing. The prestige of the Coldwell Banker name, combined with state-of-the-art technology, bespoke marketing strategies and one of real estate’s most robust global networks encompassing 100,000 independent sales and associates in 41 countries and territories, culminates in extraordinary representation that crosses oceans, continents, and language barriers.

The new NOW 0:30

New looks, new offices, new faces

We invest in you 0:47

Our mission is clear and puts YOU first.

Franklin Office – New look 0:56

Renovated into a state of the art Real Estate office that invests in you.

New Office Location 1:41

Check out our new office location in Newport News. Gorgeous state of the art facility with brand new technology.

Norfolk Office – New look 0:49

Renovated into a state of the art Real Estate office that invests in you.

Williamsburg Office – New look 0:56

The changes keep coming – come see what it’s all about.