Dawn Ambrosini

Managing Broker/REALTOR®


Sarah Taylor


Meet Sarah,

She has an Effervescence that is contagious. She has been thriving ever since she made the choice to make real estate her profession. Some people just get it and Sarah is one of them. We asked her some questions to get to know her better.

Her favorite quote says, “ There’s no limits in life, except the ones you make.” Her golden rule is that All transactions are business and take nothing personal. She would like to be remembered for always smiling and being a go getter. Letting nothing hold her back. She is the type of realtor that feels like family. She brings joy to everyone and every client, she comes in contact with. When thinking about legacy she wants to leave a mark that cannot be erased. Working for Coldwell Banker Now as felt like family which made her feel right at home. Which means she’s a fit for part of our mission statement says at Coldwell Banker we guide you home. Working here has brought great joy. Her favorite color is blue and so she has been team blue from the start. Something that brings her joy is seeing her clients pick a home that they are really in love with. We asked if she had a favorite sports team. We were not surprised that her favorite football team “Dallas Cowboys “ back to the blue theme. Her everyday joys include fishing with her husband and family. She is passionate about real estate. She enjoys entertaining in her home as well. Finally, the charity that is close to her heart is St. Jude children hospital.

I hope this gives you a little glimpse into Sarah. She is excited to meet with you. For she a Now agent available to help guide you to your perfect fit. We don’t want to just fit a home into your schedule we want to help you find your perfectly fitted home to live in.

Email: staylor@cbnow.com
Phone: 757-575-6939

Brenda Holster

REALTOR®/Global Luxury Specialist

Meet Brenda,

She has been serving for over 39 years. She was asked some questions to get to know her better. I hope you enjoy her story. Let’s start with her favorite quote, “Some days are better than others, but every day is a gift and can be the best day of your life by giving thanks.” Her golden rule - Because He Lives, I can face tomorrow. She wants to be remembered as being a devoted wife, mother, grandmother & great grandmother and helping clients find their forever home. And she is so good at it all. As a Realtor she would like to be described as always putting her clients first and getting them into their forever home. That is what makes this such a wonderful and joyful job. Legacy means making life meaningful and fruitful. Coldwell Banker is always there to answer questions, support and help me with technology. We also receive paid vacations as a thank you for a job well done too. The impact of working for Coldwell Banker Now has made me able to pass on benefits to my family in fun times, gifts and special moments. One of her clients wrote her a note with this beautiful sentiment. “Thank you for helping us find our forever home. We enjoyed your sweet spirit and your effort to always go the extra mile. So glad God led us to you.” Wow! Joy is connected to her family and being able to help others. I hope you can see that ring through this profile too. Her hobbies include tea parties, oil painting, tap dancing, calligraphy, needlework, gardening and playing piano. Her charity involvement includes Children’s Hospital of Kings Daughters, Habitat for Humanity and landscaping projects in Virginia Beach. She is passionate about family, friends and lastly traveling. Her favorite sports team is the New York Yankees. She loves to bake! She has experienced loss and watched Alzheimer’s take its toll within her family. Therefore, she advocates for the American Diabetes Association and the Alzheimer’s Association. Brenda walks with grace and a beautiful smile on her face. She is a pleasure to know and even more than that a pleasure to walk through the door of buying and selling with. Her approach is a craft in itself. I hope you have enjoyed getting to know her better. We At Coldwell Banker Now sure are from having her be apart of our family.

And Now you know!

Candice Brown


Meet Candice,

We asked her some questions to get to know her better. Her favorite quote comes from C. S Lewis, “You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.`` She also lives by the golden rule she learned as a child. Do not lose yourself in this world.

Legacy is something we value as a company, and Candice believes legacy is what you leave behind. She plans to leave behind something her family will be proud of and build upon. At the moment she doesn’t have children but when she does, they’ll be her living legacy.

She also wants to be remembered for the way she cares for her community and family. As a realtor she would like to be described as an agent that truly cares for her clients and their experience. She wants her clients to know that she will do everything in her power to make sure they’re taken care of.

At CBNOW we make impact not only in our communities but in our families and this is what she had to say about that. “Coldwell Banker has meant a lot to me, especially Chris Hannan. They have given me the opportunity to build and succeed by providing the support and resources I needed. Also, it’s given me the ability to be an independent contractor, and that has allowed me to care for my family in the way they needed. It has brought us closer.” She is hopeful that after you have worked with her you will feel that she was proactive, dedicated, hardworking, and open minded along the journey. What brings you joy? My wife brings me the most joy. Everything that I experience with her brings me joy. Buying our first home, caring for our pup, and just sharing life. I’m very family oriented and just having that is definitely joyous. Her hobbies include traveling, spending time with family, her pup, and trying new restaurants. Her charity involvement includes volunteering with my mother at Judeo-Christian-Outreach-Center. She is passionate about real estate development and her family.

Finally, she advocates for two different causes that are very close to her heart. The first cause is addiction. She would love to open up a rehab facility that services addicts of all kinds and provides therapy for their families as well. The other cause that is important to her is helping families that do not qualify for assistance and struggle to care for their children the way they’d like! Candice is passionate about finding ways to serve you well. She worked as a nurse for 6 years and learned how to serve her patients. Now, she is ready to serve you as a real estate professional and do it with excellence.

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Debbie Ellis


Meet Debbie,
She is a native to the Norfolk area. This is critical as a realtor for to serve your client well you have to understand the neighborhoods in
which they dwell
. She has 30 years of navy in her family as well. We asked her a few questions to get to know her better. We hope you enjoy getting to know Debbie. Her favorite quote, “If it’s meant it be it will be.” She believes the golden rule to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. She hopes her family will remember her care and moments of togetherness long after she is gone. As a realtor she would like to
described as someone knowledgeable and helpful in getting people into a home or moving on from that said home. That she took the time to not just sell them but to get to know them personally. Legacy to her means the footprint you leave behind. Coldwell Banker came as a new starting point in my life. Where I got to choose what I wanted to do with my every day living. Her clients describe her as a part of the family. Once you meet her you will never want to le
her go. Her hobbies include reading, cooking and many outside activities. As for her charities she stay opens to whatever come her way. If it feels right she gives easily. What is
passionate about? Real estate and meeting you! What more do you need to know. She knows this area. She loves helping people and she has a compassionate heart to see the story all the way through from preview to here is your key. We did it!!

Email: dellis@cbnow.com
Phone: 757-408-7878

Stephanie Bristol


Meet Stephanie Bristol,

We asked her a few questions to get to know her better. We hope these questions will engage you enough to want to give her call on your next purchase experience.

Stephanie says he most common spoken quote, “It is what it is.” Her golden rule is to always treat others the way she wants to be treated. She wants to be remembered for how passionate she is about her family. What sets her apart as a realtor? She has a very engaging personality. Her attention to details allows to to ease every buyer and sellers mind for she is admit about educating her clients all along the way. She wants them to believe they are a pro by the end of that experience. What a perfect perspective in this business! She has great communication skills and her problem solving allows for her to shine through the deal every single time. She sympathizes with every first time home buyer. She wants them to feel her support with an, “I got you attitude!” When asked about legacy, she would like to know she touched those around her to the point of rememberance. Coldwell Banker allows her to be flexible to spend time with her family as well as help support and motivate her personal business. At Coldwell Banker she believes our team not only has great leaders but they are motivating and build my confidence to reach further and further in this real estate network. Her clients have described her as honest, flexible, attentive and she has a very engaging personality. What brings her joy? Finding my clients that perfect home and making the process smooth for them. Her hobbies include going to the beach, swimming, jet skiing, reading , walking in nature and spending time with family. She loves to bake. It seems to be a trend in this team of realtors. Her favorite sports teams are the patriots and the Tampa bay buccaneers. Her chosen charities focus on domestic violence, child neglect and abuse. I hope this allow you into a little bit of what make Stephanie great. She loves what she does and is ready to meet and serve you with her knowledge and craft and that’s that.

And Now you know!

Email: sbristol@cbnow.com
Phone: 757-469-7078

Clarence Garrison


Meet Clarence,

We asked him some questions to get to know him better. I hope you enjoy.
His favorite quote comes from CS Lewis, “You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.” His golden rules to live by. If you tell a lie. You have to tell 3 more lies to cover it up. Don’t worry about what you can’t control. Worry about you can control. As a realtor he would like to be described as always making time for my clients. I’m patient with my clients and purpose to be available for them. Working for Coldwell Banker Now is working with the best trained agents in the business. The friendships I have made with agents has lasted and for that I am grateful. To ensure able to sell my own family homes has been an honor and a privilege. What brings him joy? Working with first time buyers. My private life I enjoy reading, traveling and having fun with my fraternity brothers who live here. His hobbies include reading and traveling. I have visited every state except Hawaii. Europe is my favorite place to visit. That is good to know if you are moving globally. He is a wealth of knowledge. His charity involvement includes the Virginia Beach SPCA, Union Mission and the Food Bank. He is passionate about helping people.
His favorite sports teams are Washington Nationals and the Washington Football Team. Clarence gives back by support
the Bayside Lions Club. We sell peanuts in the fall to raise money to provide Thanksgiving food baskets for elementary school families in our district who need assistance. This list just scratches the surface of who Clarence truly is but I hope this give s little overview. What does any of this have to do with real estate? He is a human being and not just a suit. He is invoked in many different things that bring expertise to his vocation and craft. You want to work with someone who has been working this full time for the long hall. So, give him a call.

Email: cgarrison@cbnow.com
Phone: 757-718-3368

Renee Joseph


We asked her some questions so you could get to know her a little bit better.

Her favorite quote is by Gothe - “Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” She lives by the golden rule that says, “Do not treat people the way you want to be treated, treat them the way they want to be treated.” We asked her how she would like to be remembered and she answered “As someone who always put my clients best interests first and as someone who demonstrates both integrity and honesty above all else.” Renee said, “Coldwell Banker gave me the opportunity to develop my skills and confidence as an agent by providing a wonderful broker who was my mentor and for making me a part of their A-Team (relocation) when I started with them 12 years ago. This company has helped me grow into the agent I am today.” When asked about her hobbies, she said “Decorating and staging, entertaining, keeping Amazon in business, living part-time at Home Goods, and last, but not least, spending time with my wonderful husband.” As a certified stager and re-designer, Renee has staged many of her listings and has an eye for making any home feel welcoming and inviting. Her favorite sports team is the Oscars Smith High School Football team, where her husband is the Principal. We asked her how her clients would describe her approach to serving them well. She said “I think they appreciate my sense of humor, knowledge, advice, hard work and patience. Most importantly, I think they know I truly care about them and that I put their interests first.” We asked Renee about her charity involvement. She said “Helping underprivileged children and stressing the importance of an education. One of the proudest and happiest days of my life was when a little girl I mentored, who lived overseas in the worst kind of poverty, graduated from college and became a teacher.” We have a lot of bakers within our company and Renee is famous for her desserts, especially cookies and pies, that are actually baked by her husband. Finally, when we asked her what she is passionate about she said “Real Estate, education and mental health.” Well, I hope you have enjoyed getting to know a little bit more about Renee. She is excellent at what she does. Every client has a story, we are C B Now and we are here to get you from one chapter of your life to the next.

Now you know.

Email: rjoseph@cbnow.com
Phone: 757-285-1855

Roy ``Buster`` Ward


Meet Buster Ward,

He is a fun loving go lucky kind of a guy. He is one of our longevity agents and we wanted you to know a little bit more about him.
His favorite quote and golden rule is, “Do unto others as you would have them to do unto you.” We asked him what was one thing he would like to be remembered for and he said helping people and seeing them smile. As a realtor he wants you to know he is a caring person and loves to help people. Real estate is in the helping business. We help you walk from which home to Hi, hunny I’m home. His legacy is to live a Christian life. And one thing about Coldwell Banker Now that matters to him is that we are a national company. Some people like to mix business and pleasure but Buster likes to keep his family separate. He enjoys time with his wife not talking shop is you know what I mean. One thing he mentioned is he enjoys educating his clients on the real estate process all along the way. Seeing people happy brings him great joy. What are some of his hobbies? Cooking, he loves the art of creating new dishes, traveling, riding motorcycles and taking time to connect with the divine through his Bible reading. Charities that matter to him are Peter Decker Children Charities, For Kids Inc and Galilee Episcopal Church. Something that bothers him deeply is when people not being treated fairly. His favorite sports team is the Washington Football Team. And finally, he wishes more people would consider helping another person instead of thinking about how it will effect their bottom line. As you can see Buster is a compassionate guy with a heart to serve the people with fairness and his long standing code of ethics. Give Buster a ring. He will Genuinely love to speak with you anytime of day.

And Now you know!

Email: rward@cbnow.com

Mike Loflin


Meet Mike,

He has been selling real estate for 19 years and counting. He is passionate about life and being extremely helpful in all aspects of one’s life. He lives by the belief to always be honest. As a realtor he would like to be described as a straight shooter, consistent and honest.

We wanted to share one of his client reviews since it explains Mike so perfectly.

What an adventure and Mike was there every step of the way! A very challenging sellers market brought with it more than one curve ball and Mike knew just how to handle every one. Mike leveraged his years of experience and knowledge to make sure our offer was in line with todays market and innovative enough to get it accepted. We really appreciated Mike's straight forward approach and his commitment to making sure any decisions we made were in our best interests. There was never a lack of communication. If Mike didn't answer the phone when I called I knew I could expect a text or return call very shortly. He was with us every step of the way. If I didn't understand something he took the time to explain it until I had no questions left. He always took the time to make sure we understood each and every step of the home buying process. Anyone looking for a realtor doesn’t need to look any further. Mike Loflin is your man. The personalized service, the knowledge he brings and the level of comfort you come to find after you've been working with him a short time does not compare to others. He is truly a Five Star Realtor.

What brings him joy?
He said he likes selling the lifestyle and helping people. His hobbies include, paddle boarding, playing drums, surfing, skiing, snowboarding and finally spending time with family. This favorite sports team is the Dallas Cowboys. He also advocates and gives to causes that have to do with diabetes.

If you want to know a little bit more or read any additional reviews. Check out the link below.


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Email: mloflin@cbnow.com
Phone: 757-647-2092

Joyce Anderson


Meet Joyce Anderson,

Joyce’s husband, Steven, first became a REALTOR®. Then, in 2014, she became a REALTOR® as well. Real Estate has become a family business and that has had a huge impact on her family. Joyce has even enlisted their son Adam’s help for some manual labor when needed.

Joyce’s prior career was in Accounting as a Controller. She was a Controller for multi-family housing, new construction for both residential and apartment communities, and property management in both residential and commercial industries, and a real estate investment trust. So Real Estate has always been in her career path.

Joyce loves to read and last year made a goal to read at least one biography of every US President. She has read 11 so far. She loves to e-read from her Nook, and she belongs to a neighborhood book club.

The golden rule Joyce lives by is to treat others as they would like to be treated - but turn it up another notch. She would like to be remembered for being fair and honest. As a REALTOR®, she wants you to know she is always available for her clients. And that she isready, prepared, and educated in the business she serves.

What brings her joy? Her family. Her home. Her dogs. Then, cooking, golf, yoga. She loves cooking; it’s a family thing. She says and she will even cook three different dishes for one meal if it will please everyone; she wants everyone to be happy when they come take a seat at the table. She belongs to two different golf leagues and said she loves to just be hitting the ball in a wide-open field. And yoga keeps her feeling young. She is passionate about her family including her two granddaughters. She is a Boston Red Sox fan. And, finally, advocates for the Red Cross and donates blood regularly.

I hope this gives you a glimpse into Joyce’s story. At CBNOW, we want you to feel like meeting one of our Agents is like meeting an extended member of the family.

Email: janderson@cbnow.com
Phone: 757-408-1976

Melissa Ly


Meet Melissa,

She has a story of freedom, and she’s thankful for being a citizen of this country. Her favorite quote comes from Suze Orman, “People first, then money, then things.” She has a few golden rules she and her family live by. It’s better to be safe than sorry and hope for the best but prepare for the worst. She and her family were refugees from Vietnam. They came to America for freedom, and they have experienced that for over 30 years now, and that has greatly impacted their life. The backbone of her family is the belief that no matter what you have to always be grateful. She is a Navy wife and a mother of three, now adults. Education is something they value, and her children have been accepted to very prestigious higher education universities, one being Johns Hopkins University. She is a woman of strength. Just to give an example, two days after giving birth to their second child her husband was deployed to war for 9/11 and was gone for almost seven months. As a realtor she would like to be described as passionate, a good listener, and an agent who fights for her clients to find the very best home. She leads and guides from her heart, and that has been working, for she has been a realtor for 16 years and counting. The three things she encourages her children to remember: Work hard. Be grateful. Give back in your community. CBNOW has been a second home to her, a place to grow her business and increase the possibilities for her family as her income increased. It’s also grown her time management, given her an opportunity to be a mother, and to be there for her family too. It’s a career that is flexible and has been a huge asset while her husband was active in the Navy. One thing that brings her great joy is finding a home for a first time home buyer. Her hobbies include spending time with friends and family. She also enjoys crocheting and volunteering. Her charity involvement includes helping migrant workers on the Eastern Shore by providing clothes and helping collect items for them while they are working here. She is passionate about helping people be successful, and her profession fits right into this passion. She also advocates and has helped fundraise for the America Cancer Society.
Her husband and she both have their real estate license. She speaks fluent Vietnamese, and that is an added benefit to their business.

Lastly, one of her strengths is she likes to share on Facebook showing her everyday life, taking care of her kids, and showing herself working in the field. I hope you have enjoyed learning a little bit about her story.

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Email: mly@cbnow.com
Phone: 757-574-6657


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