Look no further!

Look no further! You have found the best real estate team in Virginia! We worked with the dynamic duo team of Mary Beth Norris and Brenda Holster to find our dream home in East Beach. Not being from the area, we really needed help determining where we wanted to live. Mary Beth and Brenda really listened to what we knew we wanted (close to the beach, main bedroom on the first floor) and helped us explore a wide variety of options. We looked at new construction, empty lots and homes around the Virginia Beach area. When we found a house and neighborhood that we loved, they were great in giving us advice bidding in a very competitive housing market. The team is super responsive and looking for our new home with them was fun. They helped us find our ideal neighborhood, and we are so grateful for their professionalism and counsel. We highly recommend this team.

Lisa L.

Katie is AMAZING!

Katie is AMAZING! She is very professional, quick to respond, super knowledgeable, always helpful, and is willing to think creatively! In a crazy market when people were paying a ridiculous amount over asking price, she helped us get our house for $5,000 less than the appraised value! I always highly recommend her!

-Greg & Jessi K

From Alaska to the Hampton Roads!

We are military, and in 2013 we received new orders moving us to Hampton Roads, VA. Knowing we wanted to buy a house, we used USAA's realty service which recommended Pete and Paula. Coming from Alaska, my wife was only able to take one advance house hunting trip (I had to stay in AK), and in those 3 three days she was shown many houses including the one we would buy. Except for that visit, the entire buying experience was done from Alaska, and we closed as we were on the road to VA. The professionalism and excellent communication of Pete and Paula made the process easy, and we moved in upon arrival to Norfolk. We lived there happily for 4 years until we were moved back to Alaska. Originally thinking we wanted to keep the house, we rented it for 2 years from Alaska, but the tenants didn't care for the place like we did. Deciding it was time to sell, we contacted Pete and Paula again. We told them we just needed to get rid of the house; we were not looking for top dollar as we did not have much money for repairs. Knowing they would not make much money on this project, they still gave their full effort, even going out of their way to help us ensure the house would sell, doing things like testing light bulbs, coordinating repairs, and negotiating with the buyer. Again, I must stress that we were in Alaska, 4 time zones and over 5000 miles away; we never saw our house with our own eyes in this process. We trusted Pete and Paula's recommendations, doing as much as we could to make the place presentable. In the end, the house sold the same weekend it listed, at market price, and we even made enough money off of the sale to meet all of my goals. I can't thank Pete and Paula enough for their hard work, and I recommend them very highly to anyone in the market in Hampton Roads.

-Colin and Janel

Iris to the rescue!

Iris is amazing! We had an extremely short timeline to find and out an offer on our first house. She was a coach and advocate every step of the way! She knew her stuff about the process, what to look for in features and was knowledgeable about the financial process. Could not have gotten the house without her expertise and advocacy on our behalf.

-124 Eagleton

Sarah is here for you!

Sarah did an amazing job assisting Me in home buying process. She knowledgeable and thorough. Answer the phone every time I had questions. I would certainly pick her again!
-239 Veterans

Professional from the moment we met!

Mike was a professional the moment we met him. Thoroughly knowledgeable regarding our neighborhood. He arrived with comp information to help determine the asking price. His observation on improvement were spot on and helped sell our house in 48 hours. He keeps a high level of communication and all of our questions were answered. Highly recommend Mike Loflin as THE agent to represent your interests.
-Pete N gave Michael 5 stars out of 5!

The Blessed Man

We were in the process of relocating to the Virginia Beach area for a new job and was very tight on time. We started looking randomly and seen some properties that didn't meet our preference or we had a hard time finding the right property till a friend told us to get in touch with Grisel Saez who on a very short notice as we were in Virginia Beach got in touch with us, showed us a property that had everything that we were looking for. She took us to her office, started our rental application, got us taken care of in less than a day. Top notch service by Grisel. She took ownership in helping us right away and made sure that we were taking care off in every issue we ran to. She is our go to Realtor whenever we are in the market to purchase a home in Virginia Beach. She's an asset to this office. Thank you Grisel, without you, don't know how we were going to make it here on time. <3


An incredible Realtor!

To whom it may concern,

My wife and I had the pleasure of working with an incredible realtor in Ms. Smith with Caldwell Bankers. She was very professional and helpful during the entire process of selling our home in Culpeper, Virginia. She is really a people's person with a long range of knowledge within the real-estate industry. My wife and I would clearly recommend Ms. Smith to anyone interested in selling a home or purchasing one.

Thank you so much Ms. Smith for all that you have done for us!

Jay and Sibyl

Enough Said!

Real Estate Professional Sarah Taylor was beyond great! She seemed to be unfazed by what we had thought would be a very challenging scenario—relocating to a different state hundreds of miles away. A specialist in moving military families, which takes a particular expertise, and after discussing our requirements and plans to visit soon, she started sending us property listings right away.
Doing an online house search was new to us, and one feature we really liked was the ability to send online comments and rate listings. This capability enabled us to continually narrow our list of choices. Mrs. Taylor sent listings daily and was thoroughly knowledgeable with details about properties. Her input made all the difference, in some cases; we relied on her judgment from her years of experience and success in the realty business.
No matter what she was experiencing personally, like having plans to go to an affair or taking advanced courses in her field, Mrs. Taylor would put her client appointment, for example, first. Her attitude about such things would always be that customers are already on the verge of making one of the biggest decisions in their life, so we would further, not hinder their progress. Thus, she was always available to respond to their queries and help with sound decision-making.
And no matter what we clients were experiencing, such as the stress of such an undertaking, Mrs. Taylor always had encouraging, positive words to say. In our case, she would say, “Pray, trust, and wait,” which made us feel so much better.
even after the sale of our house, and in keeping with that spirit of unwavering dedication, she said, “I am not going to relax until I know you have successfully moved into your new house.” Enough said…